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10 Vegan Ice Cream Cocktails

No Bull Boozy Thin Mints Shake

Back by popular demand, I’ve put together 10 more fun plant-based ice cream boozy concoctions that are bound to keep you entertained, in whatever stage of lock down you’re currently in. As always, feel free to let your own creativity dictate the proportions and ingredients to your own tastes. If you try any of these, or make your own No Bull creation, I’d love to see it. Comment here, or post to our social media and tag us. @EatNoBull #MomentsOfJoy

Caramel White Russians

Mix the spirits and serve in chilled shot glasses. Top with a scoop of vegan ice cream and you’re all set.


2 parts Coffee Liqueur

5 parts Vodka

NO BULL Sea Salt Caramel Frozen Dessert

No Bull Caramel White Russians

Strawberry Daiquiri Shake (makes 2 glasses)

Blend the ingredients and serve cold, topped with vegan whipped cream for a cool summer cocktail.


2 Shots Rum

1 cup Fresh Strawberries

1/3 cup Sugar

Dash of Lime Juice

4 scoops of NO BULL Strawberry Frappe Frozen Dessert

Top with vegan whipped cream

No Bull Strawberry Daiguiri Shake

Champagne Floats

This is a fun and super easy way to jazz up some cheap champagne or sparkling white wine!

Make sure to chill the wine/champagne before serving and drink right away.


Cheap sparkling white wine or champagne

NO BULL Strawberry Frappe Frozen Dessert

No Bull Champagne Floats

Guinness & Baileys Ice Cream Floats (makes 2 servings)

This decadent treat is a fun way to incorporate some good old-fashioned stout into some cocktail fun on a hot summer evening. I’ve used Double Chocolate No Bull in the mix, and topped the float with Vanilla Bean No Bull and vegan whipped cream. But the choice is yours! A good scoop of Sea Salt Caramel No Bull would be just as yummy. Or maybe give them both a try and have one of each ;p


¼ cup of Vegan Baileys

1 cip Guinness

3 scoops NO BULL Double Chocolate Frozen Dessert

Topping: A scoop per glass of Vanilla Bean No Bull Frozen Dessert and vegan whipped cream

No Bull Guinness and Baileys Floats

Boozy Thin Mints Shake (Makes about 4 servings)

If you enjoy Girl Scout Cookies as much as I do, you’ll love this Thin Mints shake. Out of fundraising season, you can replace the Girl Scout Cookies with Back To Nature Fudge Mint Cookies. They’re a pretty close and healthier version, ingredients wise.


2 scoops of NO BULL Mint Chocolate Fudge Frozen Dessert

2 scoops of NO BULL Double Chocolate Frozen Dessert

6 mint cookies

3 oz Crème de Menthe

3 oz Vegan Baileys

1 oz Crème de Cacao

Vegan Whipped Cream & chocolate syrup on top

Cookies and more vegan ice cream of choice for extra toppings

No Bull Boozy Thin Mints Shake

Key Lime Pie Boozy Shake (Makes 2 servings)

This is a refreshingly fun boozy shake that I particularly like. Just blend these ingredients and top with a scoop of Caramel Apple Pie No Bull Frozen Dessert and some crushed graham crackers.


4 scoops of NO BULL Caramel Apple Pie Frozen Dessert

¼ cup Key Lime Pie Liqueur

2 tbsp Lime Juice

2 tbsp Baileys Almande

¼ cup Vodka

¼ cup graham crackers

¼ cup of almond milk or other milk alternative

No Bull Key Lime Pie Boozy Shake

Bourbon Chocolate Shake (2-4 servings)

Simple but delicious option for Bourbon lovers. Just blend the ingredients and serve chilled.


½ pint NO BULL Vanilla Bean Frozen Dessert

½ pint NO BULL Double Chocolate Frozen Dessert

½ pint of Chocolate Almond Milk

5 oz Bourbon of choice

Option: blend some ice into the mix to change the texture and dilute the Bourbon if desired.

No Bull Bourbon Chocolate Shake

Salted Caramel Shooters (Makes 4 shots)

A fun twist on a caramel shooter. Pour caramel sauce in the bottom of the shot glass. Blend the other ingredients and top with whipped cream.


1 shot Caramel Vodka

1 shot RumChata

2 scoops NO BULL Sea Salt Caramel Frozen Dessert

Vegan Whipped Cream and Caramel Sauce

No Bull Caramel Shooters

Blueberry Moscato Shake (1 serving)

A light and airy way to enjoy a fresh, sweet dessert wine with a fruity, creamy twist.

Blend the Moscato with blueberries and a scoop of Blueberry Pie No Bull Frozen Dessert, top with vegan whipped cream and another healthy scoop of vegan ice cream for a perfect boozy treat.


1 scoops of NO BULL Blueberry Pie Frozen Dessert (plus an extra scoop for topping)

1 glass of your favorite, cheap Moscato

¼ cup of blueberries

Vegan whipped cream

No Bull Moscato Shake

Banana Split Boozy Shake (Makes 2 servings)

Who says you can’t drink a banana split! Try the vegan version of a fun recipe, great for “Sundae” afternoons. Blend the ingredients and serve. Add extra sugar or ice to adapt the sweetness to your taste, and the texture to your liking. Enjoy!


1 oz Chocolate Vodka

1 oz Strawberry Vodka

1 banana (save a couple of slices for garnish)

3 scoops of NO BULL Strawberry Frappe Frozen Dessert

Cup of fresh strawberries (save one for garnish)

No Bull Banana Split Boozy Shake

Don’t forget to share your creations with us here in the comments or on our social networks. @EatNoBull #MomentsOfJoy. Salut!

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