Press Releases


  • Vegan Churro Sundae
    It’s Cinco-de-Mayo! It’s definitely a day to celebrate, and the best part of any party is ALWAYS dessert. Skip the hangover this 5th and party with sweets instead. Read on to make this crowd pleaser: Grab a pint of NO BULL Salted Caramel Order up some churros (be sure to double check with the place … Read more
    This Mother’s Day is special for me, as it is my first as a mother, or at least, a mother-to-be. I’m experiencing for the first time all the feelings I hear from mothers everywhere that didn’t mean so much watching from the outside – now, as I prepare to deliver my first child in 9 … Read more
  • Get Ready for a Taste Sensation Like No Other!
    As the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for NO BULL, it’s my job to get the word out, create buzz, hype and showcase all the great attributes of our brand to the masses. Knowing personally how creamy and delicious NO BULL is, I started testing the waters with others. So, without even a Press … Read more
  • The Secret Power of Oats…
    It’s really no surprise you’re loving the way NO BULL tastes. However, we believe there’s much more to our non-dairy ice cream than creating the perfect flavor combination. While working hard to develop our first 8 desserts, the team paid close attention to the quality and origin of all sourced ingredients. One of which, is … Read more
  • Getting Our Feet Wet in the South Florida Plant-Based Community
    A few weeks ago, athletes and fans fell in love with NO BULL for the very first time at Don Shula’s Superbowl celebration. We realized we’d scored big when Mark Clayton and Mark Duper, two former NFL stars, raved about our desserts and couldn’t get enough. For those reasons, we were up for the challenge … Read more
  • The Inside “Scoop” on What Athletes Are Saying About Our Non-Dairy Game Changer
    As a newcomer to the non-dairy community, we were curious to see NO BULL’s performance in a highly competitive playing field. So, we took a leap of faith and decided to sample our flavors at Football Hall of Fame Coach Don Shula’s Superbowl celebration. Here’s the inside scoop on what athletes are saying about our non-dairy game changer.