No Bull Recipes

  • Vegan Spring Sundae
    We love all the chocolate goodies that circulate Spring holidays like Easter and Passover. Sadly–most of those are not dairy-free. So we took it upon […]
    Ahhh, the “Milkshake”. The most coveted and desired of ice cream treats. These decadent desserts are dairy packed from start to finish, and can be […]
  • Vegan Irish Coffee
    Ah, breakfast of dairy-free champions! It’s March, so of course we are dialing up the boozy recipes. Irish coffee is a classic, but heavily packed […]
  • Vegan Brookie A La Mode
    We LOVE cookies and we LOVE Brownies; and obviously we LOVE ice cream! So why not enjoy all 3 in a venal, dairy-free, gluten-free recipe! […]
  • Vegan Strawberry Shortcake Sundae
    It’s February and we are feeling romantic! The way to our hearts is most definitely through our stomach–and a plant-based ice cream recipe is a […]
  • Vegan Resolution Smoothie
    It’s our favorite time of year! New Year’s Resolution time. This time for fresh starts and healthy eating deserves a treat. We’ve used our Blueberry […]
  • Vegan Grinch Punch
    Well folks–you are sure to win over even the tiniest of hearts with this one! Our plant-based holiday cocktail is SO easy to make and […]
  • Vegan Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa
    We’ve got Mariah playing in the background and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. What better holiday classic to make with ice cream than hot […]
  • Vegan Caramel Apple Pie Mylkshake
    Apple Pie! Is there a more nostalgic, satisfying fall flavor than caramel apple pie?! Well, yes–vegan caramel apple pie, and in a mylkshake no less! […]
  • Vegan Pumpkin-tini
    Ever had a pumpkin pie so good you wish you could blend it and drink it? Now you can! We love a good martini–but a […]
  • Vegan Pumkin Spice Latte
    It’s pumpkin spice season! This fall favorite is seemingly hard to enjoy as a dairy-free version. We know firsthand that plant-based never has to compromise […]
  • Monster Mash Mylkshake
    We love any reason to make a silly recipe. With Halloween approaching, we just had to make a spooky mylkshake. Our Monster Mash calls for […]
  • Boozy Arnold Palmer
    Here in Florida, we are soaking up the lengthy summer season with some dairy-free cocktail recipes! The Arnold Palmer is a refreshing classic. This cool, […]
  • Back-To-School Sundae
    It has been a wild year, and we though parents, students, and teachers deserved a dairy-free treat! This recipe is sticky, sweet, and satisfying. Read […]
  • Vegan Mint Chocolate Mojito Float
    Well folks, this one is “mint” to be! This summer is a scorcher and there are few cocktails as refreshing as a mint mojito. We […]
  • Vegan Watermelon Popsicles
    That’s right–it’s watermelon season! Juicy and sweet, this recipe is perfect for taking to the beach or as a fun summer activity with the kiddos. […]
  • Vegan Go Nuts Donut Sundae
    We’re bringing the candy shop to you with this recipe! Candy can often contain things like milk, or gelatin–ingredients that can prohibit the delight of […]
  • Dairy-free American Spirit Shots
    Memorial Day is almost here and what better way to celebrate than with some good ole American spirit! Or in our case… spirits! This recipe […]
  • Vegan Ice Cream Cake
    Talk about a throwback Thursday! Ice cream cakes came on the scene in the 80’s and haven’t stopped filling dessert bowls, since. This seemingly complex […]
  • Y.O.L.O. Sundae
    It’s true–– you only live once. But we made this sundae because Y.ou-O.bviously-L.ove-O.reos! Having a vegan dessert, or a healthier alternative to dairy doesn’t mean […]
  • Vegan Churro Sundae
    It’s Cinco-de-Mayo! It’s definitely a day to celebrate, and the best part of any party is ALWAYS dessert. Skip the hangover this 5th and party […]
  • Vegan Monkey Business Sundae
    There is nothing better that a signature guilty pleasure-made vegan! This dairy-free Monkey Business Sundae is the plant-based alternative that satisfies like the real thing. […]
  • The Morning After Breakfast Sundae
    Dessert for breakfast always makes a good impression. Imagine vegan waffles and ice cream with homemade gluten-free, plant-based waffles! Read on to impress with this […]
  • Dairy-free S’mores Sundae
    Alright folks––this is an easy one! Honestly, what is better than a s’mores themed dessert? Exactly. This recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, and 100% vegan! Whip […]
  • Guilty Pleasure Sundae
    Who doesn’t love classic ice cream recipes?! Banana splits, ice cream cakes, and of course sundaes! Chocolate sundaes, caramel sundaes, strawberry sundaes––how about a sundae […]
  • Green “Detox” Smoothie
    We are SO pumped about our Eat NO BULL Challenge! The challenge invites anyone to try a plant-based diet for one week and share their […]
  • Vegan Shamrock Shakes
    We are gearing up for St. Patrick’s day, and what better fan favorite to make than dairy-free Shamrock Shakes! This nostalgic crowd pleaser is so […]
  • Creamy Irish Coffee
    March is here and we have already started pouring up new dairy-free recipes! As we all know–– everything is better with ice cream! This is […]
  • Love-yo-self Strawberry Shake
    We are still riding the romance wave as we enjoy the last week of February. Perhaps no greater love exists than the one we give […]
  • Valentine’s Sundae
    It seems like everyone is in a spooning mood as we approach Valentine’s Day! This cheeky sundae is the perfect sweet to share with your […]
  • Vegan Cherry Chocolate Float
    There are few things more nostalgic and romantic than sharing an ice cream float. Whether making this for your S.O. or to treat yourself, this […]
  • Valentine’s Sweetie Martini
    Ahhh the season of L.O.V.E.! Walking into February, we are feeling all kinds of romantic. We’ve encountered some really special Valentine’s cocktails and just HAD […]
  • Dairy-Free Matcha Latte Float
    All month long, we’ve been sharing recipes that celebrate the new year and its tradition for embracing healthy lifestyles. This week we are coming in […]
  • Pina Colada Mylkshake
    Nothing pleases quite like this tropical treat. Spice up your protein shake or healthy up your dessert with this fruity Mylkshake! Here’s how to make […]
  • Dairy-free Ice Cream Parfait
    Who doesn’t love a good parfait?! Next time you’re craving something indulgent, give this parfait a go! Enjoy the satisfaction of ice cream paired with […]
  • Holiday Ice Cream Ornaments
    Grab the kids, this one is for them! Be sure to add this recipe to your gingerbread house building night! Read on for how to […]
  • Santa’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches
    Treat Santa to something extra special this year with our ‘Santa’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches’ Recipe! This classic recipe twist is dairy-free and can be […]
  • Holiday Dairy-free Hot Chocolates
    There is nothing better than cozying up with a mug of homemade hot chocolate during the holiday season! We’ve added a serving of our decadent […]
  • Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream Frappe
    There are few Fall flavors as quintessential and joyous as Pumpkin Spice! This Holiday week, we bring you the irresistible dessert with all the flavor […]
  • Buckeye Holiday Martini
    Buckeyes are a lovely Ohio traditional holiday dessert. These peanut butter chocolate bites are positively scrumptious. Even more scrumptious is our Holiday Buckeye Martini- featuring […]
  • Vegan Spiked Apple Cider
    We are still swooning over all things Fall. Nothing embodies Fall flavors quite like caramel apple pie! Snuggle up with a warm mug of our […]
  • Tie-dye, Vegan, NO BULL Blueberry Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches
    This all vegan, fall season recipe is SO easy and tasty! “Fall” in love with these tie-dye, vegan, NO BULL Blueberry Pie ice cream sandwiches.45 […]
  • 10 Vegan Ice Cream Cocktails
    Back by popular demand, I’ve put together 10 more fun plant-based ice cream boozy concoctions that are bound to keep you entertained, in whatever stage […]
  • 5 Vegan Ice Cream Cocktails for Moments of Joy!
    With summer on the way, lock down looking close to an end, and creativity in bloom, I’ve been busy creating some fun celebratory booze ice […]