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Vegan Go Nuts Donut Sundae

We’re bringing the candy shop to you with this recipe! Candy can often contain things like milk, or gelatin–ingredients that can prohibit the delight of someone on a vegan, dairy-free, or plant-based diet. We found several delicious vegan candy options and had to make something indulgent! Read on to make your own:

Grab a pint of NO BULL Vanilla and NO BULL Double Chocolate

Layer your glass with dairy-free chocolate syrup–we really like this one from Whole Foods. Then line the top edge of your glass with syrup and cover in vegan sprinkles! We love these from Fancy Sprinkles!

Add a few scoops of NO BULL

Top with dairy-free whipped cream, plant-based m&m’s (we love these from UNREAL), a vegan donut, and top with an Oreo (yup, they’re vegan) and a cherry!


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