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Dairy-free Ice Cream Parfait

Who doesn’t love a good parfait?! Next time you’re craving something indulgent, give this parfait a go! Enjoy the satisfaction of ice cream paired with healthier toppings. Here’s how to make your own!

1. Grab a pint of NO BULL Vanilla.

2. Line the bottom of your parfait dish with a healthy granola of your choice.

3. Add a couple scoops of your NO BULL Vanilla.

4. Add sliced strawberries and fresh blueberries.

5. Add 1 tbsp of shaved almonds.

6. Mix 2 tbsp of palm sugar, 1 tsp of maca powder, and 1 tsp of cold water to make a healthy plant-based caramel drizzle.

7. Top parfait with shredded coconut and 2 tsp of your caramel drizzle.

8. Enjoy!

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