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We’ve concocted the perfect strawberry rum daiquiri shake for National Daiquiri Day. Served with NO BULL
Strawberry Frappe ice cream, you’ll absolutely love sharing this recipe with your friends! Enjoy!

Vegan Strawberry Sauce
2 tsp of lime juice
1.5 oz of quality rum
1/2 cup of ice
1/2 cup of oat milk
2 scoops of NO BULL Strawberry Frappe ice cream
rim of kosher salt

Blend all the ingredients until smooth.
Serve with a scoop of NO BULL Strawberry Frappe ice cream on top.
If you make this daiquiri and enjoy it, tag us on social media post about it #eatnobull @eatnobull and
we’ll send you a coupon for a FREE PINT of NO BULL.

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