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Vegan Quadruple Chocolate Mylkshake

Made with avocado and cacao, this super chocolatey sundae has heart-healthy fats, proteins, detoxifiers
and anti-oxidants, all in one delicious milkshake.

–1 ripe avocado2 tbsp cacao powder or cocoa powder
–2 tbsp maple styrup
–½ tp vanilla extract
–Pinch of salt
–NO BULL Dairy-Free Double Chocolate ice cream
–Your favorite vegan brownie or chocolate cookie. We like RULE BREAKER cookies; gluten-free, vegan,
allergen-free plant-based cookies.

Blend the avocado with cacao, maple syrup, vanilla, salt, NO BULL Double Chocolate, and a splash of water until smooth.
Break up the cookies in a baggie to make a crumb base for your mylkshake. Pour pieces into the bottom of
a tall glass.
Line your glass with chocolate drizzle.
Serve your shake and add vegan whipped cream and toppings at will.

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