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Vegan Cold Brew Float

Yes, you can make your own cold brewed coffee! It’s easy. Cold brewed coffee is made by soaking coffee grounds in water at a cool temperature instead of percolating over hot water. It’s popular because of it’s smooth finish and makes the best iced coffee!


Dark roast coffee (grind your own beans for the freshest flavor) – We recommend Counter Culture Coffee.

Filtered water

Sugar (or natural sugar alternative) to taste.

A scoop of NO BULL Double Chocolate or NO BULL Vanilla Bean ice cream per mug.


Cold brew coffee is a two step process.

We’re recommending using a french press for easy clean up. The ratios for making cold brewed coffee using a french press are different than what is needed if preparing using a jug and strainer or cheese cloth. So adjust as recommended.

Soak 140 grams of coffee grounds in 840 grams of filtered water over night in the refrigerator, directly in the french press, with the lid on, but filter up. This is a 1:6 by weight ratio. If making in a jug, adjust to 1:4.

After soaking, plunge the french press to filter out the grounds and fill your cup to 1/3 full.

Fill to 2/3 full with either water, or your favorite dairy-free creamer or mylk.

Top with a healthy scoop of NO BULL Vanilla Bean ice cream, or even Double Chocolate for a mocha flavored cold brew treat.

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